Forehead Lift

Anticipated pain level Minimal
Anaesthesia Local or sedation
Procedure duration 1-2 hour
Scars Virtually invisible, on the scalp
Final result After 3 months
Social isolation 10-14 days

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Procedure Overview


Certain people seem severe or exhausted whereas they feel perfectly well. They will appear rejuvenated with a Forehead Lift. This intervention indeed consists of smoothing the wrinkles of the forehead and raising the eyebrows.

The Intervention

Performed under local anaesthesia, this intervention takes about two hours.

An endoscopic Forehead Lift is performed via small incisions, behind the hair. The surgeon uses an endoscope (a little tube equipped with a lighting device and a magnifying glass) so that he can see the area to be treated.

A Forehead Lift without endoscopy consists of making an incision at the level of the hairline, in such a way that the scar is completely camouflaged by it.

During of the operation, the surgeon tautens the muscles and smoothes the skin of the upper part of the face

Results and Post-Operative Treatment

The patient wears a bandage for 24 hours. His or her social life can be resumed after a week to ten days. The scars become almost invisible after a few weeks.

Know more about it

In order to perform an endoscopic Forehead Lift, the surgeon first injects a solution encouraging haemostasis (in order to reduce the bleeding during the intervention). He then makes a few little 50mm incisions behind the hairline. Via these incisions, the surgeon tautens the muscles that are causing the wrinkles on the forehead and the sagging of the eyebrows. He also detaches the periostium (a vascularised membrane that covers the bone) located under these muscles and tightens it. Finally, he smoothes the skin of the forehead, thus raising the sagging eyebrows, and gets rid of most of the horizontal wrinkles. Soluble stitches provisionally attach the periostium, which then reattaches itself to the bone of its own accord.

  • When a Forehead Lift in performed without endoscopy, the incision is made along the hairline, in such a way that the scar is completely camouflaged by it.
  • Directly after the intervention, the surgeon applies a bandage that has to be kept in place for 24 hours. The patient can go back to work seven to ten days after the Forehead Lift.
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